Svasara Treasure Chests & Boxes

Created with the belief that everyone should have a beautiful, unique and special place to keep the things they treasure...something visible and alive, becoming part of your story. Each is always unique & handmade with an element reminding us that we are all connected and part of something bigger. For example, the treasure boxes are all the same on the inside - just as we are all very different on the outside but consist of the same elements within.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bedazzled Abundance Treasure Box

A wooden cigar box from Nicaragua transformed into an abundance & prosperity treasure box...

...the outside box is painted pink and then covered in orange & gold-toned with some bits of light blue recycled rolled glass; the inside lid is lined with patterned pink paper; inside is painted in a metallic gold and the bottom is lined with hand embossed copper, recycled blue glass and petals from flowers much cherished. (note: Each one is different on the outside but all the insides are the same, like all of us)
depending on how you look inside and where the light comes & reflects from the bottom inside will glow more or less and change in color

Dimensions 7"d x 5"w x 3 1/2"h
$99 plus shipping & tax

Request a similar treasure box (email rita at svasara dot com)

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