Svasara Treasure Chests & Boxes

Created with the belief that everyone should have a beautiful, unique and special place to keep the things they treasure...something visible and alive, becoming part of your story. Each is always unique & handmade with an element reminding us that we are all connected and part of something bigger. For example, the treasure boxes are all the same on the inside - just as we are all very different on the outside but consist of the same elements within.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Custom Wedding Treasure Chests

Svasara Treasure Chests are about
cherishing who you are together.
Staying connected to that
through something that is visible & alive.
Allowing you to fall in love
...over and over again.

precious treasure boxes to grand trunks
traditional to completely unique shapes & sizes
begins with your existing trunk or one created for you
each with customized design to include your meaningful objects
styled to your taste & sensibility
to create a truly unique, beautiful and special place
to keep the things you both treasure together
becoming part of your story...

Specifically for new couples, I work with them to create a treasure chest that they have
1. before their wedding,
2. to be at the wedding for use in their life together or
3. after the wedding which incorporate materials/items from the wedding day
contact at rita [at] svasara [dot] com

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