Svasara Treasure Chests & Boxes

Created with the belief that everyone should have a beautiful, unique and special place to keep the things they treasure...something visible and alive, becoming part of your story. Each is always unique & handmade with an element reminding us that we are all connected and part of something bigger. For example, the treasure boxes are all the same on the inside - just as we are all very different on the outside but consist of the same elements within.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cedar Chest: Blue Whimsy

A transformed Amish built cedar trunk
...with recycled rolled glass hand dyed silk fabric, embroidered and velvet fabrics, copper and petals from much cherished roses. The fabric serves as an elegant handle & the inside of chest is unfinished so the cedar scent is more fragrant.

depending on how you look inside and where the light comes & reflects from the bottom inside will glow more or less and change in color

Dimensions: 13.5"h x 23"w x 15"d
$449 plus shipping & tax

Request a similar treasure chest (email rita at svasara dot com)

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